The Government will back collaboration projects between Basque agents and the regions of Wales and Flanders (Government Council 16-06-2020)

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Government Council
  • Both regions belong to the Basque Country’s Network of Strategic Partnerships

Today the Government Council gave the green light to issue the call for grants going to technical cooperation projects with the regions of Wales and Flanders for 2020-2021.

The grants amount to a total of 40,000 euros and correspond to a Decree approved last year, the objective of which is to intensify bilateral relations and establish new alliances and collaborations with other outside regions considered strategic for the Basque Country, among which are Wales and Flanders, and with which the Basque Country has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (Wales) and a Declaration of Intent (Flanders).

The grants are therefore intended for private legal persons with their place of residence in the Basque Autonomous Community, who present a project for a bilateral collaboration or activity, and which involves the participation of a partner from one of these two strategic regions.

Specifically, and in the case of Wales, the subjects of the bilateral collaboration projects open to receiving a grant will be:

  • Mobility and Transport (mainly rail services and infrastructure);
  • Environment and Climate Change;
  • Technology, Innovation and Competitiveness;
  • Marine Energies;
  • Agri-Food Industry;
  • Education and Training;
  • Strategy and Fiscal Policy, Tax Administration Policy, Budget Management and Social Services;
  • Health and Social Welfare Services, medical care based on active and healthy values and ageing;
  • Business Opportunities;
  • Promotion of a multicultural and tolerant society (above all with respect to language policy and promotion of the cultural sector).

With respect to Flanders, the subjects open to receiving the grant will be:

  • Research, Development and Innovation (industry and technology, health, social policies, gender equality, public sector management, infrastructures and transport);
  • Labour market and economic policy (vocational education, productivity and competitiveness policies);
  • Environment (climate change, water treatment, materials and waste, as well as technologies compatible with the environment and renewable energies);
  • Health (above all chronic care);
  • Cultural and Creative Sectors;
  • Promotion of a multicultural and tolerant society (peacebuilding and respect for human rights);
  • Initiatives and alliances which strengthen the role of regions in Europe

In both cases the grants will be no more than €5,000 per project.

Network of Strategic Partnerships

To date, the Basque Government has signed agreements and memoranda with Jiangsu (China), Bavaria (Germany), Flanders (Belgium), Querétaro (Mexico), Cundinamarca (Colombia), Quebec (Canada), Wales (United Kingdom) and Nouvelle-Aquitaine (France).

These are a group of territories considered to be strategic geographic areas for the internationalisation of the Basque Country, which incite a substantial part of Basque interests abroad, and which are currently the object of priority attention.