The Euroregion launches a survey to discover the impact of closing borders caused by Covid 19

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The goal is to learn the consequences of closing the Muga on cross-border citizens and partners in cross-border projects

In order to measure the extent to which cross-border projects and relations are affected by the situation caused by the COVID-19 crisis, the Euroregion has launched a survey that will culminate in a report at the end of June to reactivate all projects underway as soon as possible and reduce as much as possible the negative consequences of closing the border for involved citizens and agents

Over the past five years, the Euroregion has experienced a notable increase in activity, with a growing number of projects and collaborations between the regions of Nouvelle-Aquitaine, the Basque Country and Navarre in widely varying fields: education, innovation, research, mobility and transport, employment, culture, sport, agriculture and a long list of many others.
In this fashion, the number of public and private bodies and partners who have actively taken part and conjointly worked between the three regions has exponentially grown. It is essential to learn what their current situation is in light of closure of the border, and to which extent their participation with other partners is compromised.
Aware of how closure of the Muga has affected and continues to affect border citizens (halting family, social, economic, cultural relations, etc.), the Euroregion is providing an online survey to collect these testimonies and discover the reality of our cross-border life.
In this line, it invites border citizens to share their experiences by completing the following survey.
The results shall be collected in a report that will be made public in late June. The deadline to respond to this survey is 14 June.