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A benchmark in innovation
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Having laid the foundations for a new innovation-based development model, the Basque Country is now looking to become the benchmark for innovation in Europe.
We started laying the foundations for the industrial revolution of the 21st century with the approval of the Competitiveness and Social Innovation Plan 2006-2010, which defined the strategy for improving the Basque economy's global competitiveness levels. Further, we founded the Basque Institute for Competitiveness, presided by Michael Porter, one of the world's leading experts on the subject.
After approving the 6,700-million-euro Science, Technology & Innovation Plan, we launched what we call the "Basque trident" of innovation, which consists of the Basque Science, Technology & Innovation Council, the Basque Innovation Agency-Innobasque and the Ikerbasque Foundation, to attract and recruit front-ranking foreign researchers.
With the groundwork done, we have set up several new cooperative research centres, including Biogune and Biomagune, working in biosciences and biomaterials. The latest research centres of this type are Nanogune, working in nanotechnology, Microgune, devoted to microtechnologies, Margune, for manufacturing processes and Energigune researching into alternative energy.


Basque Science, Technology & Innovation Council

The Basque Science, Technology & Innovation Council was founded in July 2007 as the supreme body for participation in and assessment and leadership of science, technology, research and innovation policies in the Basque Country.
Members of the Council include the Chief Executives of the Provincial Councils of Alava, Vizcaya and Guipúzcoa, and the regional ministers from the Basque government Health, Industry, Treasury and Education departments. Also present on the Council are the vice-chancellors of the region's universities, and leading management figures from Ikerbasque and the Basque Innovation Agency.



The Basque Innovation Agency is a private non-profit-making association created to coordinate and stimulate innovation in the Basque Country in all walks of life and in general to promote the entrepreneurial spirit and creativity.
Involved in Innobasque are the players in the Basque science, technology and innovation network, private businesses, Basque public institutions, representatives from local business and worker associations and all kinds of innovation-related associations.
Innobasque's operational model is founded on activities promoting innovation-related values and attitudes in Basque society, on measures designed to publicize the image of the Basque Country as a place of and for innovation, a leading-edge R&D and innovation centre, and on activities that generate an "innovation momentum" in Basque businesses and organizations.

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Created by the Basque government in June 2007, Basque scientific research foundation Ikerbasque has the mission to develop and consolidate scientific research in the Basque Country. With a budget of six million euros to 2009, the Foundation will be looking to attract and recruit international experts to do their research work at centres in the Basque autonomous community and help them to settle here. 
Two research centres focusing on climate change and neutrons are to be set up through the Foundation. To date, the project has already recruited fifty scientists

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