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María Garaña, President of Microsoft Ibérica: Bizkaia is an example of innovation worldwide

BiskayTIK, the project headed by the Provincial Council and in which Microsoft has been involved in its development, is clearly a flagship project of which to be proud. María Garaña, its president for Spain and Portugal, was at the multinational's first Innovation Day, held in Bilbao yesterday.

- Why was Bizkaia chosen to host Microsoft's first Innovation Day?

Bilbao, and Bizkaia in general, is one of the best examples around the world of the practical application of innovation, as some of the world's most innovative projects are conducted here.  Innovation and Bizkaia go perfectly together.

- How important is the BiskayTIK project for Microsoft?

It is Microsoft’s largest citizen-service platform project worldwide and is already in the implementation phase.

This initiative will first benefit the people living in Bizkaia and it will then expand around the world.

Which is only to be expected. All citizens legally not only have the possibility, but also the right to carry out certain formalities online. All governments, provincial councils or local councils are required to set up their citizen-service platform. Of course, BizkayTIK is the best practice in citizen-service platforms. The idea is to open it up to the world and attract many people to see what has been developed for Bizkaia.

- How is the project going?

Very well.  The first phase is underway and five local council portals are up and running. It has been hard work, but we are very pleased.

- Why must the authorities be committed to innovation?

It is one of the most important ways to improve productivity, which I think everyone agrees. All the administrations are already aware that improving productivity and compatibility involves using technology. What for? To spend less and produce more. Nobody now has to be convinced that we have to innovate.  It is now time to take the next step. What is the practical application?


Summary of the news item published by Deia, 2 June 2010

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