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Basque Global Network

For centuries we Basques have travelled the planet, driven by our travelling, enterprising, caring or adventurous spirit. There are countless cases of people who, throughout history, have left the Basque Country to start a new life in other parts of the world: Argentina, Uruguay, Mexico, the United States, etc. These countries, among many others, have become their home to those who, despite the distance and time, cherish a shared wish: to maintain their roots and their identity.

The core objective of the Basque Global Network is to interconnect the Basque community in different parts of the planet and to bring them a little closer to their origins, to their land, to their customs and, at the end of the day, to a very special way of being and doing things. This social network is for people who live, study or work outside the Basque Country and for the descendants of other generations long established abroad, and has a fundamental goal: to help strengthen the social, cultural and economic ties between them all, and to connect them with others who feel a special affinity, sympathy or interest for all things Basque.

The new platform therefore includes the agenda of events organised by the Basque Secretariat for External Affairs, also opening the door for any person to interact and add complementary activities developed in their area of influence in order to encourage others to enjoy the aspects that make us different, starting with our culture and our language, Euskera.

The social web is divided into five areas corresponding to the main lines of work occupying the majority of the Basque community in the international arena: institutional, cultural, educational, entrepreneurial and development cooperation. To join this new platform, you simply have to complete a form with personal information and choose one of the five areas of interest.

The Basque Global Network is a social endeavour and, as such, enables the weaving of contact networks between people and groups with common interests, thereby converting all of its members into active stakeholders who contribute their knowledge and experience to the common good. Pilot runs have now been underway on the platform for a number of weeks and, during this period, we have succeeded in gathering more than two hundred people living in some twenty countries. Being a global communication tool means that the network can be used in Basque, Spanish, English and French, although there are no restrictions for its use in other languages.