Marian Elorza: "Half of the people we are in contact with are now home, back in the Basque Country"

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Marian Elorza

The General Secretary for External Affairs, Marian Elorza, was interviewed today on the ETB1 radio programme “Egun On Euskadi”.

The General Secretary for External Affairs, Marian Elorza, said today that the Basque Government is in contact with 275 Basque men and women trapped in several countries as a result of the Covid-19 crisis; half of whom are already back in the Basque Country. This means that 130 people are still trying to return.

The General Secretary for External Affairs explained that, because of the coronavirus, many flights have been cancelled and many countries have closed their borders. Given this situation, Marian Elorza explained that, thanks to exceptional agreements, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs is scheduling State flights so that people trapped by this global crisis can come home. Tomorrow the first flight of this kind will leave from Lima, carrying 28 Basque travellers. Elorza considers this first step to be positive and has sent a message of encouragement to those people faced with difficulties for returning to the Basque Country.