The New Aquitania - Euskadi - Navarre Euroregion is holding its second annual Assembly

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·       The meeting approved this year’s budget, which amounts to 3.5 million euros 

The Secretary General of Foreign Action, Marian Elorza, chaired the second annual meeting of the New Aquitaine-Euskadi-Navarre Euroregion this morning, whose presidency is held by the Basque Country. The Basque delegation was made up of the Deputy Minister of Universities and Research, Adolfo Morais, the Deputy Minister of Territorial Planning, Miguel de los Toyos, and the Director of European Affairs, Mikel Antón. 

Among the tasks performed, the Assembly approved the administrative accounts and management accounts for 2020, as well as the budget for 2021, which will amount to 3,550,000 euros.

Just like in 2020, the allocation for project calls will amount to 900,000 euros this year - 500,000 euros for the 1st call for the “Euroregional Citizenship” axis and 400,000 euros for the 2nd, focused on the “Knowledge economy” axis. 

Meanwhile, 500,000 euros are reserved for the signing of new strategic Partnerships and the maintenance of existing ones, such as, to promote cross-border artistic relationships, the one related to cross-border Rugby or Kompar, a cross-border VET project.
 Also worth mentioning is the Partnership for the development of the Euroregional Scholarship, which enables the promotion of student and doctoral student mobility throughout the entire territory of New Aquitaine, Euskadi and Navarre through a monthly scholarship of around 300 euros. 

This budget will be the last one for the performance the activities under the current Euroregional Strategic Plan, given that work is taking place on its renewal for the 2021-2027 period.
 The new Plan is expected to be presented before the summer.