New downloadable audiovisual "kit" for use when presenting the Basque Country abroad

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Kit Euskadi Basque Country

In recent years the Basque Country has consolidated an image of internationally recognised brand thanks to a unique culture and language; to its industry and its social and economic development; to its gastronomy, traditions and landscape… All of these elements, and many more, have made this an enormously attractive country from the social, tourist, cultural and entrepreneurial points of view.

To boost this international promotion work, the Euskadi Basque Country website offers a new audiovisual “kit” for use when presenting the Basque Country abroad and to help companies with their internationalisation. The tool includes basic information on the historical background of the Basque Country, its institutional organisation, the Economic Agreement, and general data on its industrial, research and teaching activity, among many others.

Euskadi Basque Country Kit

The kit consists of two videos, a PowerPoint presentation and a copy of the essay “An ancient country in love with modernity,” where Kirmen Uribe, one of the best known contemporary Basque writers, gives his personal view of the origins, character and other distinguishing features of the Basque Country.

The former of the two videos is a brief story used to present the Basque Country Eguna in the summer of 2019, attended by all of the stakeholders who promote the Basque Country worldwide. It takes the shape of an audiovisual montage showing the different elements symbolising the traditions, culture and customs of the Basque Country, but also the aspects that demonstrate its cutting edge, modern character.

Information of a more practical nature can be found in the PPT presentation with slides giving administrative and institutional data on the country’s core activities and some of the most significant economic and sociocultural indicators. Finally, the presentation mentions the challenges faced by the Basque Country as a country and ends with a reference to the Basque people by the Prussian philosopher Wilhelm von Humboldt.

This tool is especially designed to help Basque companies in their internationalisation endeavours and, in general, all people needing backup informative material about the Basque Country. It is available in Basque, Spanish, English and French.