Marian Elorza advocates for the Atlantic Macroregion in the European Parliament Intergroup Seas, Rivers, Islands & Coastal Areas

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  • The General Secretariat for External Affairs represented the Presidency of the Atlantic Arc Commission, occupied by the Basque Government
  • During his speech, he focused on the benefits of the creation of a Macro-region for the Atlantic 

The Basque Government’s General Secretariat for External Affairs, Marian Elorza, participated in the meeting held by the European Parliament Intergroup Seas, Rivers, Islands & Coastal Areas (SEArica) to analyse the new opportunities for cooperation offered by the Atlantic Maritime Strategy’s Action Plan 2.0. He was taking part as president of the Atlantic Arc Commission from the Conference of Peripheral Maritime Regions (CPMR).

The head of the Basque Executive welcomed the improvements offered by the new Action Plan in his speech, such as how regional representatives can actively participate in its implementation, as coordinators of its thematic pillars. He gave an example of the Energy Vessel Entity (EVE) being currently in charge of coordinating the Pillar dedicated to renewable marine energies in the Atlantic area.

Elorza also emphasised the need for full participation of the regions in the governance of the strategy, and to make a firm qualitative leap towards a macro-regional strategy, which combines maritime and territorial issues, based on the smart specialisation strategies 2.0.