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Fecha de publicación: 15/02/2008
Farming, fisheries and food

The Basque primary sector generates 0.70% of Gross Added Value  and provides employment for 1.24% of the population, according to 2008 data drawn up by Eustat, the Basque Statistics Institute.

When we speak of the Basque rural and fishing environment, we are talking about three quarters of Basque territory and the inhabitants of its villages, most of them connected in one way or another to work on the land or at sea. This part of the territory produces the quality food products with health guarantees that make this country a culinary example. Production of wine and txakoli, cereal, beetroot, potatoes, milk, meat, market garden products, etc., which are transformed and distributed on the market with the highest levels of quality demanded by consumers.

Many of these products are identified by the Eusko Label mark that guarantees the consumer a better quality product than the general average and allows the origin and authenticity of the products to be identified with complete security. It is an official classification and identification distinguishing mark for consumers, who obtain food products made or produced in Euskadi that have managed to achieve a series of differential standards, specified and defined in the regulations.

The products included in the Basque food quality label Eusko Label are: beef, farmhouse chicken, suckling lamb, Gernika peppers, Álava potatoes, tomatoes, Ibarra guindilla peppers, beans, honey, pasteurised milk, long-finned tuna and tunny. Fruits and market garden products included in the guarantee mark "Euskal Baserri' and those included under the "Agricultura Ecológica' (Organic Farming) production denomination could also be mentioned.

In the denominations of origin section, we could highlight Idiazabal cheese, Rioja Alavesa wine, Txakoli from Getaria, Txakoli from Bizkaia and Txakoli from Álava.

On the other hand, in the area of transforming and marketing Basque agricultural products, improvements have been made to permit the generation of higher added value from the start of the food chain and boost the pulling effect of the food and agriculture industries on the rest of the sector.

As for fish, Euskadi continues to be committed to the future of a competitive fishing sector. In fact, it is paying special attention to policies concerned with the sustainable and equitable management of fish resources, the improvement of extraction and transformation infrastructures and the implementation of new systems and instruments to occupy market niches ensuring the medium- and long-term viability of the various Basque fishing sub-sectors.

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