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Electronics, computers and telecommunications
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Basque electronics, electronic technology and IT business association GAIA is the place to look for information about developments in the Basque regional electronics and telecommunications industry. In 2008, the association's 238 member businesses billed €3,315 million, up 9.3 % on the previous year, with exports worth €749 million.

GAIA accounts for 5% of the regional GDP and 15% of its industrial GDP. Spain's national market absorbs some 60% of cluster associate sales. Although businesses in the organization account for 13% of Spain's total IT and electronics production, the figure actually rockets to 41.5% in professional electronics, which is logical as Basque industry tends to concentrate on this particular branch. It also reflects the regional industry's potential as far as industrial process automation initiatives are concerned.

In 2008, 54% of the industry's 12,053-strong fulltime workforce worked in telematics and data switching, 38.6% on professional electronics and 7.1% on components. Firms in the industry spent €125 million on R&D and innovation in 2008.


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